Our mission is to help individuals access, and banks offer fairer financial products.

We build services to help individuals and small businesses get access to the products they need, on their terms. Using personal data, with explicit consent, we dynamically connect individuals to a marketplace, by applying our own exchange technologies.


We believe we can help individuals make more of their money.

Currently the vast majority of us have our money in uncompetitive financial products and we don’t even realise.

Jigsaw believes that by interpreting an individual’s current situation and needs through consensual access to their personal data we can help find them the most appropriate financial products and so make more of their money.

We are doing this by building technology that allows an individual to digitally express their needs, access a full transparent view of the marketplace and frictionlessly switch onto new products.


And help banks offer fairer financial products.

By understanding what markets can offer, at the level of the individual, on a real-time basis and connecting this with the balance sheet we are able to price products on a real-time basis. 

Moving forward we aim to allow banks to dynamically tailor products based on the needs of the individual, the needs of the bank (balance sheet) and what the market can offer.

This will create new revenue and business models centred on a better understanding of the individual and their data. 

Built by belief and talent

We have an expanding team of strategists, engineers and designers who have a shared belief in building a fair marketplace of products. We are always looking to meet new people so get in contact.

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