We are Jigsaw.

It’s a simple idea. We’re using today’s technology to bring together individuals and companies in the right way. Cutting out advertising. Giving people power over their data. Matching their needs with what companies can provide and offering companies insights about what’s next.


Spoke is our marketplace tool.

Inspired by the technology that powers the stock market, Spoke is a data exchange that enables people and businesses to request and receive quotes for any product or service.

We are also designing and building a toolkit to allow any company, in any industry, to use data to match their products and services with the right people. A bespoke experience, for everyone.


The Health Information Protocol (HIP) aims to create a secure, global decentralised health identity.

Storing health information in this way allows an individual to determine who sees their data - how much, when and why.

We are building a community of service providers that benefit individuals and medical professionals alike.


Our advisory team helps organisations big and small harness the power of data and apply it to their business.

We deliver technologies and proof of concepts that enable companies to focus on people and their needs.

It means we keep our skills sharp and stay abreast of today’s challenges.

Pieces of the puzzle

Individual experts in their respective field, working together towards the same goal.

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  1. Martin Wheatley
  2. Rick Fish
  3. Mike Campbell
  4. Andrew Tarver
  5. Daryl Rowland
  6. Lee Murdoch
  1. Aaron Yeates
  2. Amanda Plowman
  3. Anthony Keating
  4. Antonio Belmar da Costa
  5. Ashley Davison
  6. Ben Pearce
  7. Billy Mantly
  8. Charlie Robertson
  9. Chris Harrop
  10. Cliff Vick
  11. Daniel Warren
  12. Dave Ingram
  13. Ed Byford
  14. Ed Carey
  15. Gabriela Budeanu
  16. Greg Piccolo
  17. Hadden Fray-Smith
  18. Harvey Dormer
  19. James Rhee
  20. Jason Luong
  21. Jayleen Suliveres
  22. Jonny Andrews
  23. Julanta Jasiulionyte
  24. Marie Kerkstoel
  25. Matt Camp
  26. Max Provin
  27. Meaghan Johnson
  28. Neil Gordon
  29. Nero Sivapalasundram
  30. Oliver Hardisty
  31. Ollie Nilsen
  32. Onaysa Patel
  33. Rachael Boddy
  34. Richard Inskip
  35. Simon Brownlee
  36. Simon Glancy
  37. Stephan Gaud
  38. Stew Haywood
  39. Thady Condon
  40. Thomas Harvey
  41. Tom Moir
  42. Tom Stuart



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