Our core technology is inspired by the technology that powers stock markets and algorithmic trading platforms. Spoke is a digital data exchange that enables people and businesses to request and receive quotes and offers for products and services.

It gives providers the ability to tailor their products to the need of the individual, based on gaining explicit consent to use the relevant personal data.

Spoke components


Customer Data Platform

The Customer Data Platform connects to legacy banking systems, open banking solutions and any other API enabled entities to ingest and store an individual’s data with their expressed consent


Data intelligence

Insight is a data intelligence layer that accesses enriched customer data and generates insights around an individual’s needs


Indiviual Request Generator

Voice connects an individual’s insights, derived from their needs, to the Hub as a digital request that can interact with the Spoke eco-system


Request and response exchange

Hub is our market exchange technology that facilitates the connection between an individual’s request and providers products through digital messaging


Regulatory overview and analytics

Eyes maintain full transparency of all interactions across the Hub to the regulator and analyse the changing supply and demand across marketplaces


Provider REquest Subscriber

Ears provide defined interfaces for providers and suppliers to subscribe to individual’s requests, published through the Hub


Product tailoring

Brains enable the personalisation of products by allowing the provider to consensually use individual data, market data and enterprise system data to dynamically model the best product for all parties


Marketplace intelligence

The Eco-system allows individuals to access discounts and offers from partner companies but also allows the companies to manage their inventory and pricing through new intelligence technologies